The Experience Enhancers is a platform consisting of concept developers, experience designers, artists, (applied work-and organizational) psychologists, poets, musicians, speakers, event designers, photographers, a nutritional health coach and other innovators. Oh and one futurologist!

We love experiences. We travelled all over the world to build a solid network of other experience lovers. We love improving brands, festivals, funerals, events, concepts, conferences, ideas and developing people. The storm in our brain is never quiet, except for the centre of the cyclone where we find our best ideas. You want to see some pictures? Check the albums of some of our projects here.

The Experience Enhancers give that extra transformational layer to your experience. With immersive theatre, interactive psychology and food-design we create magical moments remembered forever.


With more than two sharp eyes we see that everything can be improved. We understand that our skills are meant to be shared. We think in infinite possibilities. Like a diamond hidden inside a rock, there is a gem inside everything just wanting to get out.


We are here to make the regular outstanding, to take things to the next level, to help people to become more happy and successful, to make companies healthy, to connect worlds together, to create the best possible experiences together.

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